There is nothing more pleasant than to walk down the street on a chilly afternoon feeling confortable and confident in your skin. You are carrying your body with ease, lightly and delicately, yet your posture is bold enough to make you noticed in the crowded city. You feel attractive, authentic and free, ready for any challenge that might come your way today.

Now that you’ve experienced it, feel free to actually meet

your DALLO overcoat.

Conceived with care and attention to every detail.

A mixture of textures, shapes and exquisite volumes.

A mixture of textures, shapes and exquisite volumes.

A daring expression of each woman’s unique personality.



Who We Are

STUDIO DALLO is a young fashion brand specialized on outerwear. We use the finest fabrics in order to create contemporary clothing items in limited editions. Our mixture of shapes and colors is surprising, exquisite and perfectly suitable for the urban life.

Our studio is currently located in Bucharest.